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  • 7th Anniversary
    Friday April 6th 2012 will be the 7th anniversary of the murder of Irene White (nee McBride) in her family home.



  • Appeal for Information
    If you have any information relating to the ongoing investigation please contact the Crime Unit in complete confidence on Tel: 1 800 666 111

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April 05, 2014


Anne Delcassian

Another year, we are no further or are we? Is that result just around the corner as my heart says it is. Mo darling I have just placed your bets on The Grand National something I will always do for you. Those you killed and murdered my family take a look at these photos and hang your heads in shame, and what indeed has been the point, what have you achieved only a guilt that will follow you to hell and beyond, for all eternity.
Tomorrow Irene is the 9th anniversary of that brutal hellish day, when somebody decided to murder you, and to allow my mother to find you covered in your darkening blood lifeless on your kitchen floor in your home. The act was ruthless, cowardly as murderers are, and then they sneak away hoping nobody will look for them. How very foolish they are. Dearest sister Irene and my wonderful mother Mo there are so many friends questing for victory for both of you, it will come angels. Try to be a little at peace now, no one has forgotten you, least of all me Anne. Justice will raise its head by whatever means necessary. May the love of God in his goodness and kindness watch over you. I echo your words Mo, Tiochaidh ar La, you always echoed words of wisdom and you are being proven right now, as we spoke about so many things in Omeath prior to your death. So my darlings stay close to me, fill me with your integrity, your honesty, and your love because my patients are now done. Nighty, night Anne xx

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