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  • 7th Anniversary
    Friday April 6th 2012 will be the 7th anniversary of the murder of Irene White (nee McBride) in her family home.



  • Appeal for Information
    If you have any information relating to the ongoing investigation please contact the Crime Unit in complete confidence on Tel: 1 800 666 111

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October 21, 2011



Not forgotten today.
Ann, your campaign for justice must seem like a lonely one sometimes, but you're in the thoughts and prayers of so many.

Anne Delcassian

Today 31st December 2011 the end of one year and the beginning of another. My thoughts are with you both Irene and Mo. Let us move ever onward in 2012 and maybe, just maybe its our year. Forever in my heart, you remain there with so much sorrow left behind, but an appropriate judgement is long overdue. Tiochaidh ar la quite right dear Mo. xx

Anne O'Gorman

Irene, was thinking of you on 22nd. Happy memories.

Kathleen Mulligan(Murphy)

Wish you were here to Celebrate with all your friends what a party that would have been. We will never forget you Irene miss you soooooooooooooooooo much
Kathleen your friend

Anne Delcassian

To my wonderful, beautiful, vivacious sister Irene. Happy 50th birthday. You should be celebrating this day among friends and family. Instead I am fighting for those involved in your notorious murder to be brought to justice and for truism on behalf of you sweet sister Irene, and my darling mother Mo. I hope that our wait is almost over and that the underbelly of criminals who did this to you, and who laugh in the face of God, are brought before the Courts and punished for what they have done to all of us, but especially for the terror, the fear, the destruction, the pain, the ignored cry for help as you were butchered in your home The Ice House, in Dundalk on 6th April 2005. You both have so many of our friends waiting; waiting for those whom we all know exactly who they are, where they live, trying to hide among their own family, trying to appear 'normal', carrying a secret for others. I am repulsed by all of you, a group of individuals on a predatory corrosive intent towards Irene, and my mother Mo almost eighty years of age. Shame on you all.
However today is Irene's 50th birthday, and my thoughts are with Irene and her life wasted by destruction and greed, and to my mother, a lady on her 6th anniversary of her death today. God Bless to both of you. I am so close now, let us pray together. All my love to you both, Anne xx

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